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Fabric Trade Guidelines

I am posting fabric trade information for the quilts in the book Nickel Quilts. These trading guidelines can be used by quilt shops, quilt guilds, and any group interested in hosting a fabric trade. Please feel free to share them with any quilting group you know of. I love scrappy quilts and a great way for collecting fabric is through trading. Most of the trades listed will yield enough 5" squares for a lap size quilt.

My favorite way of conducting the actual trade at the start of a workshop is the shotgun start (some golf tournaments start this way).

  1. Each person trading is assigned a number
  2. That number is written on two pieces of paper, one for the person, one for the spot on the table where that person will start the trade.
  3. Place the numbers on the tables at least 2 feet apart. This will help cut down on gridlock.
  4. Position the tables parallel to one another, this allows some people to walk around the outside of the tables and some people to walk around the inside of the tables.
  5. Start at your assigned number. Lay down a pair* of 5" squares on your number, lay down a pair of 5" squares on the next number, and continue until all the squares are laid down.

I do allow for people to do more than one trade in case they want to make a larger quilt. Just assign them 2 different numbers, keep the numbers some distance from each other to allow for more variety of fabrics. They would trade one set of squares starting at the first number assigned to them, then start at the second number assigned and trade the second set of squares.

*or single 5" squares, whatever the actual trade requires

Fabric Trades

All That Glitters
Arlington Square
Autumn Stretched Star
Big Dipper
Buffalo Ridge
Dutchman's Puzzle
Flying Home from Bali Bali
Four Patch Plaid
Jewel Box
Labor Day Madness & Pinwheel Quilt
Millennium Star
Morning Star
Mt. Hood
Northern Lights
Ozark Maple Leaf
Paducah Nine Patch
Shaded Four Patch
Sunny Lanes
Tillie's Treasure

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