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Lectures & Trunk Shows

Zoom Lectures Now Available!

I am excited about being able to visit guilds via Zoom!  

I am no longer scheduling in person lectures and workshops. The Zoom Lectures are a wonderful way to bring some Nickel Quilting fun to your guild!

Available Lectures

Five Inch is a Cinch

How Nickel Quilts Are Created –This trunk show is sure to get quilters fired up about using 5" squares of fabric and many of the ideas can also be adapted for using other precuts; such as 2 1/2" strips and layer cakes.  I'll show a great assortment of quilts from my collection and we focus on the blocks in the quilts and the simple components they are made from.

Quilts for all skill levels will be shown. One of my favorite things to do is to design a quilt using simple piecing and have the result look like a much more intricate quilt! This is the lecture I recommend for my first virtual presentation with a guild, but of course you can choose whichever one you like.

Fabulous Nickel Borders Lecture 

Turn a nice quilt into a WOW quilt by adding easy-to-piece Nickel Borders.  In this lecture we focus on easy to piece borders that are made from 5" squares.  I will show many of my quilts that have pieced borders and I walk you through my method of “auditioning” borders for a quilt.

We have all been there; the inside of the quilt top is done and now what do I do for a border. This lecture will give you many ideas to choose from and allow you to awaken a whole new level of creativity.  I have loved designing pieced borders over the years and adding them to my quilts. My book, Nickel Quilts & Borders contains 260 pieced border ideas and I look forward to sharing many of them with you during the lecture!

Fees and more information

My normal Zoom lecture fee is $450.00 for 2023 & 2024 however, if you have a guild membership of less than 75 members I can offer you a discounted fee of $350.00 for 2023 & 2024.

My lectures will involve a time investment on my part to create of about 150-175 hours for each lecture.  These Zoom lectures will not just be a trunk show of my quilts, they will be more of a seminar, an opportunity for your guild members to gain inspiration as well as tools that will benefit them for many years in their quilting journey. 

For questions and to schedule a Zoom Lecture please e-mail Pat Speth at pat@patspeth.com 

Workshops are currently not available in Zoom format