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Member Appreciation Block #83
Member Appreciation Block #83

Member Appreciation Block #83

Member Appreciation Blocks (MAB) - What are they?

I wanted to do something special for my Facebook Group, so to celebrate the growth of this group for every 100 members I am going to post a new block.
I am providing a PDF of each block that shows:
Full color block
Block Assembly Diagram
Piece Cutting Information
Units Used in this Block Diagram

Now available to purchase is my EQ7 project file for Member Appreciation Blocks (MAB) #1 through #45.

Blocks #46 through #60 are also available in a separate listing

I hope these blocks will be used in sampler quilts or see entire quilts made out of one or two of these blocks.

How long will this project go on? I have thousands (I’m not kidding) of blocks already in my computer files and new ideas keep coming. So it’s up to you dear quilters, customers, and Facebook Group members to encourage others to join and to see how far this can go. Personally I like big goals and you can encourage me and others by posting pictures of your blocks and progress on your quilts, we all like eye candy!

If you would like detailed step by step instructions, you can find them for the first 6 MAB blocks in the Party of Six pattern. Available as a PDF download or in print. Once you make those six blocks you will have the skills to construct the others. 

I am not providing the quilt assembly information or material requirements for the MAB blocks. These are 12" blocks so there are many setting options you could choose from as well as choosing the size of quilt you would like to make. If you need an easy fun way to set the blocks together I do recommend my Block of the Month, Color Me Happy. In Color Me Happy I also provide material requirements for quilts in 3 different sizes.

Another great setting for the MAB blocks is the Party of Six quilt. Available as a PDF download or in print.

Fantastic border options for any quilt you may want to make can be found in Nickel Quilts & Borders. Available as a PDF download or in Print

Have fun with these blocks and let your creativity soar!

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